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213815 Hansa 381 Schwarz

Clave: 213815
En existencia: 3 unidades

Precio: $ 3,300.00 MXN*
Oferta: $ 2,800.00 MXN*
* Pesos Mexicanos

Hansa 381 Schwarz  0.3mm  and cup de 5ml 

Hansa Topline - controlled double function for perfectly easy operation!

All airbrushes in the Hansa Topline range have a controlled double function. This means that the control lever is only pulled back in one direction, and air and paint mixing occurs automatically. All Topline airbrushes are equipped with a self-centering, socket-type nozzle system with self-sealing characteristics, progressive lever movement and an end piece with adjustable paint control. They can be rapidly adapted with ease for other nozzle sizes (0.2/0.3/0.4) without using other tools. "The airbrush for hobby and professional airbrushers". The optimised color cup ensures a continuous supply of paint during vertical use. All Topline airbrushes are chrome plated.

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